About Zac Speed

Performance orientated build quality

Australian Owned and Designed

As a dedicated team of industrial designers and action sport enthusiast Zac Speed was founded in Melbourne Australia in 2003 with the single mission of designing the best backpacks possible for action sports. By new design we don’t mean more of the same, stick a logo on a backpack design, we don’t mean design over function, we mean looking for a whole new way of doing business from the ground up kinda new…. Design that works.

Zac Speed

Quality Assured

Our packs are engineered with quality in mind. Our use of
Duraflex buckles are just one example of prioritising customer experience above all. With some of our packs incorporating YKK or YBS
zips, depending on their intended use, we recognise that all touch points are important.

We always want to consider our customers and this is evident in the design of our products. We understand the demands of a race environment, a remote journey and the daily commute.

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